Overall 260 ARCh volunteers supported 750 pupils in over 100 schools across Oxfordshire between Sept 2014 and July 2015.

Teachers at 51 primary schools in Oxfordshire sent us feedback for our 2015 evaluation survey.

We received feedback from the teachers of 303 children which represents a 40% response rate.

Pupils in 2015 ARCh survey by tear group and gender

We worked with slightly more boys than girls across all year groups except Year 1.

Almost three-quarters of children worked with their volunteer for more than two terms.

A high proportion of pupils in our survey showed Excellent or Good improvements in attitude, confidence and performance.

Level of improvement rated excellent or good

After working with an ARCh volunteer, pupils in our 2015 survey were rated as having improved their reading by +1.9 levels on average.

Arch average change in reading level by year group

Many pupils saw much bigger improvements. For example, with the help of one of our volunteers, a girl in Year 3 increased her reading level from 1c to 3b.

Out of the responses to our survey, Pupil Premium funding applied to 37% of children.For these pupils the increase in reading level was +2.0, i.e. above the average for the whole group.

What teachers think of ARCh

A caring approach

The ARCh volunteer…“has such a caring and flexible approach to the children’s needs.

A vital resource

ARCh is a vital resource for me to utilise for the benefit of some targeted children.

Raising self esteem

The ARCh volunteer…“has been amazing working with a child whose attitude to reading was poor and self esteem low. I believe it had really made a difference for this child.

Raising reading age

His reading age of 8 years 3 months against his chronological age of 6 years 8 months is a testament to the volunteer’s excellent work. Thank you.

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