A huge thank you to the patrons who support our work

Korky Paul
Korky Paul “What makes ARCh special for me, is the range of interesting volunteers it attracts who bring with them creative and exciting methods to encourage children to become readers – with the emphasis on reading for pleasure.”
John Foster
John Foster Raise the shutters
Raise the shutters, let shimmering sunlight
Clear the dark clouds in the mind,
Which make lines of shapes and symbols
Too great a puzzle to unwind.
Guide each prisoner through the labyrinth.
Unleash the chains which keep them blind.
Let loose the power and the wisdom
Which it is their right to find.
Philip Pullman
 Philip Pullman “Reading is the key to the greatest part of our freedom – the freedom of our minds and our imaginations. I can’t bear to think how much poorer my life would be if I’d never learned to read. Anything we can do to help others to find this key is enormously worth doing, and I’m pleased and proud to be a patron of ARCh, who are dong such valuable work in bringing the delight and the treasure of reading to so many young people.”
Shen Roddie
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Shen Roddie “No child should leave school still struggling to read. It is therefore hugely encouraging to know that close to 500 reluctant readers in Oxfordshire schools are benefitting each year from the dedicated work of our ARCh staff and volunteers.
The benefits of ARCh are far reaching and go well beyond ability to read. After a year of 1-1 shared time, children emerge with greater self-regard and confidence, better able to be part of an adventure that is every child’s basic right – the right to read, to access the exciting world of knowledge and learning and in the process, secure for themselves happier, brighter lives.
Well done, ARCh, for your commitment and initiatives towards this important ripple effect.”
Adam Guillain

 Adam Guillain “I’ve am so very honoured to be a patron of Arch. I know from personal experience that firing a desire to read depends on moments of magic between a child an adult and a book. We’re not always needed as adults, but when we are, we are part of life-changing magical moments. I think everyone involved with Arch is a little addicted to these. Long many it continue!”
John Bird
 Big Issue “Reading laid for me the basis of a new chance in life. Reading meant that I was in a different situation. I could get myself educated and get different work. Even though I was a late comer to reading it changed completely the way I saw the world. Therefore, when I look at the work of ARCh I feel a great sense of privilege that you have allowed me to be associated with you, bringing reading to new generations.”

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