ARCh – Assisted Reading for Children

Inspiring children to read

Our mission – to impart a love of reading to disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire, enhancing their lives and improving their life chances

Oxfordshire has almost 16,000 children living in poverty; ten of its wards are listed in the top 25% most disadvantaged nationally.

ARCh is an award-winning charity which reaches out to many of these children in primary schools across the county.

Since its inception in 2008 ARCh’s professionally trained Reading Mentors have helped to transform the lives of thousands of children by giving them a lifelong love of reading

Today the charity has around 260 Reading Helpers who give their time generously to support the literacy and communication skills of 800 children in 120 Oxfordshire primary schools each year.  The number of schools requesting our service continues to grow and we have an expanding volunteer base.